View Full Version : Question about DPM and RMPS backups with Alcohol 120%

15.02.2003, 06:11
If you use Alcohol to backup a Securom 4.8 game with DPM and RMPS, can you make a backup of this backup? If you can, do you backup it up the same way as you would an original (i.e. Securom 4.x profile, with DPM and RMPS)? Will it work just the same?

In other words, can you make a backup of a backup made with this method? If so, how?

15.02.2003, 09:29
Yes, you can - just disable RMPS emulation, create an image (without DPM);
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and write the image -> there you go.

15.02.2003, 13:28
So the settings need to be different on the second backup? You have to disable RMPS and DPM?

15.02.2003, 13:39
Yes, if RMPS emulation is enabled, youґll get 1:1 backup from original cd, not from RMPS backup, ґcause RMPS emulation emulates original cd, so RMPS/DPM data will be missing - thatґs why you have to disable RMPS-emulation, DPM is not needed, ґcause DPM data is included in RMPS-info on 1st backup.

15.02.2003, 15:37
If you want to make another copy of RPMS disc then disable RMPS emulation in ALL programs, Daemon and Alcohol, (so dumping software can see all information) and make sector-by-sector copy of your backup CD to a new CD (with usual profile without DPM measurement) . This way you will copy everything to new disc, including RMPS signature. So no need for new DPM measurement from backup.

15.02.2003, 18:14
Can you also make a working IMAGE from that, i.e. one that can be mounted?


15.02.2003, 22:29
Yes you can. But it will work only with RMPS emulation, because your image will be exact copy of backup and you will see NEEDS EMULATION' label in Explorer.