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31.07.2005, 05:00
I searched around the forum but did not find any answers.

1. Will Daemon Tools 4 be compatible with Windows Xp x64?
2. What are the differences between regular and pro versions?
3. What is the cost of the new pro version?
4. I have GTA San Andreas (SecuROM) which is on a DVD. Is it possible to make a mini-image type file like you can with Safedisc protected games? A full DVD image is just too large to keep on my hard drive, I would just rather put the DVD in everytime I wanted to play it.


31.07.2005, 10:28
1. Yes, I believe so.
2. Pro version can create images among other things.
3. Currently shown as USD$15.95 http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/dt_register.php
4. No idea.

01.08.2005, 01:24
Thanks KitnaIsntHappy.