View Full Version : Problems with uninstalling and reinstalling

31.07.2005, 16:14
Operating System: Windows XP, sp2
Burning Software: Nero newest version
Anti-virus Software: NOD32
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.74

When I try to install/uninstall deamon-tools i get this error.
Device setup error: code 25038 (0x61CE), 0(0x0) Contact your support personnel.

I have tried several of the steps mentioned in some posts, but havent been able to get it to work..

31.07.2005, 16:27
What exactly did you try?
Also take a look at the thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.

31.07.2005, 16:36
* Sticky: Error 25002 (invalid driver names or driver conflict), or how to remove Daemon Tools drivers

* When installing, setup fails to uninstall old version

After trying to remove all trace of deamon-tools in regedit, i tried to uninstall everything else that had something with deamon-tools also.

But After i deleted the strings mentioned in * When installing, setup fails to uninstall old version it somehow worked. The installer didnt give me the choise between upgrade or uninstall anymore, and i was able to install it again.

So at the moment it works. Thanks for a great site and a great forum with good explainantions on problems that can occure:)