View Full Version : Error 25002 (Again)

31.07.2005, 18:11
Operating System: XP Pro
Burning Software: Nero 66015
Anti-virus Software: Kaspersky AV 50227
DAEMON Tools Version: 437

After recently reinstalling my system, I tried to install DT 3.47 and soon into the installation procedure I got BSOD. I cleared the 2 relevant files out of System/Drivers and also the registry entries as noted in other threads but I still get the same error. None of these entries exist yet I still cannot install. I also tried Alcohol and got the same error but not the BSOD. So, at present I can not install either of these programs onto my computer following the initial BSOD while installing Daemon Tools the first time. Any thoughts please? :cry:

31.07.2005, 18:29
You MUST reboot after ALL steps of the procedure, otherwise it won't work.
But before you re-install, check if you've minidump (in Windows\Minidump folder) related to that BSOD/crash, if so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.

01.08.2005, 20:01
I did reboot after the entries were all removed but still got nowhere. Unfortunately there is no minidump directory nor am I likely to get one as I can't get that far into the DT installation any more to get one due to the 25002 error early on.

01.08.2005, 20:02
If it still comes up with the error about driver conflict, you didn't follow ALL steps mentioned.

01.08.2005, 20:11
OK, this is what I did. I removed 2 entries from System32\Drivers and 2 entries from HKEY LOCAL MACHINE. I then rebooted my PC to get the same error. I have just looked again and the entries are definitely gone. My PC has been off all night. So far I have had 2 BSODs; what is causing this in the first place? I just tried to install it again and it shut my computer down completely in the middle of the installation. Not even a BSOD..

01.08.2005, 20:26
That are NOT all steps mentioned.
Difficult to say what's causing the crash without minidump. Check if you've one of the following files in Windows\System32\Drivers directory:

01.08.2005, 20:35
What have I missed out of the removal steps? I checked the rest and the only one in the directory is the gearaspiwdm.sys. I do have a Daemon install log if that's any good.

01.08.2005, 20:41
You missed the removal of Daemon Tools SCSI controller and its PnP BIOS extension in device manager.
Still no minidump available after the new (?) crash(es)?

01.08.2005, 20:58
Still no Minidump folder. It is currently set to "Kernel Memory Dump" but nothing has dumped - I did a search. I couldn't see DT SCSI controller but I did uninstall PNP BIOS extension. Where does that come from? What about the gearaspiwdm.sys file and is the DT log of any use?

01.08.2005, 21:04
Change to 64kB Memory Dump; also disable the "automatically reboot option".
Try to remove GearASPIwdm.sys/the software which installed it - difficult to say if it helps, but we had quite some minidumps showing it in system.
The daemon.log unfortunately won't give a clue about the crash.

01.08.2005, 21:32
Hey, we're happening. I'm not 100% sure what happened but, after I uninstalled PNP BIOS extension, I lost the use of my 2 DVD writers. I took gearaspiwdm.sys and put it in a folder out of the way and rebooted. DT installed OK and is working (I think). I went back into System32\Drivers and the gear folder had disappeared, so I copied it from another machine on my network and rebooted. My 2 DVD writers are back as is PNP BIOS extension. I would like to be 100% sure what occurred here but as it's working, I'm not touching it any further. Thanks for your assistance in this.