View Full Version : Virtual drives are unmounting completely after unmounting an image.

31.07.2005, 22:05
Operating System: XP Pro SP2
Burning Software: Nero, Sonic Record Now
Anti-virus Software: AVG 7.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47,3.33

Well this is relly starting to stump me, since I'm having the same problem on 2 different computers both with WinXP Pro w/SP2. I've tried different versions of DT and the same thing happens. I load a .cue file for example and it loads just fine, once I go to unmount it the virtual drive just disconnects and is no longer visible in Explorer etc.

I poked around of course in the forums and checked the registry and I don't have an entry for Upper FIlters at all. To me it seems like a recent XP update screwed something up since it's happening on 2 different systems.
what I see for the Generic cdrom drivers are cdrom.sys, imapi.sys, pxhelp20.sys, redbook.sys and storprop.dll.

The only things I have in common with both systems is that they use Sonic and Nero for burning apps and BestCrypt which does create virtual drives for it's containers. On this laptop I uninstalled and cleaned Nero and Sonic and I'm getting the same results. Tell me what you think

01.08.2005, 19:22
What if you uninstall BestCrypt (http://www.jetico.com/download.htm)? What if you virtually eject instead of unmounting, does the drive still disappear in explorer? You could try playing with drive type AutoPlay, Auto Insert Notification (AIN) which requires a reboot after making changes to, and also media change notification, but those are only workarounds.

After you unmount an image file, verify that the drive is invisible in explorer. Load Device Manager, and look under "DVD/CD-ROM drives" and see if your virtual drive(s) are listed there. If you have 4 virtual drives you should see 4 entries listed because of DAEMON Tools. They should NOT disappear from Device Manager after unmounting.

01.08.2005, 22:15
Uninstalling BC, would be a real pain since I have large containers with data in them and I had it installed prevoiusly with DT. I did try the eject idea and as soon as I did the drive just disappeared. It still shows up in the Device Manager.

02.08.2005, 09:48
I can confirm that DT works fine with Bestcrypt v7.10 and Drivecrypt 4.20. Tried on XP Pro SP2 and 2003 Standard.

Instead of unmounting, have you tried simply mounting another image without unmounting the old one (the previous image will be removed automatically)?
Also, try using some of the shell extensions and 3rd party programs for (un)mounting.

02.08.2005, 15:24
Yeah, I used to run 7.10 and there was no problems. It definately is BC though and I found it out last night and both systems are currently running 7.12.03. I even tried Alcohol 120 as a last resort and it had the same behavior as DT. I played with the laptop and deleted the containers and uninstalled it after I uninstalled DT. Reinstalled DT, and put on the latest version of 7.20.1 and the virtaual drives haven't been disappearing so far.