View Full Version : Copletely new dtools

15.02.2003, 12:34
Its shit now. (3.29) :? :x :evil:
dtools makes changes in the sys, which aren't to repair. Even with uninsall not!!!
I'll never trust Daemon-tools again. It destroyed my system and it is worse than virus shit
I just have to format the hole system to get functionality again. Dtools is real shit now

15.02.2003, 12:58
Is is really a helpful suggestion! :roll:
If you donґt tell us your system specs and what Daemon Tools should have done to your system, we will never be able to find a bug (if itґs one) or to help you!
And why donґt post in the correct forum!? What kind of suggestion is this!?

15.02.2003, 17:14
Continued in German section, finally closed and user banned.