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02.08.2005, 05:07
Hey guys- I installed daemon tools and have a MDF, MDS image for divine divinity. I have created a virtual drive and mounted the image to be run. The problem is that the drive does not show up in My Computer, but upon looking at the device manager it show a virtual drive being made. It's driving me crazy that I cannot see the virtual drive in My COmputer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I followed the directions in the sticky to check that the virtual drive was there and had a device driver which it did. Arggghhh!

02.08.2005, 05:29
What about using the DAEMON Tools tray icon... Virtual CD/DVD-ROM ... Device 0: ... Set device parameters ... There are two drop down comboboxes Drive Letter and DVD Region. Use the drive letter drop down

02.08.2005, 05:47
Ok well, I tired that and it turned out I had to install tweak ui to get the drive to show up by clicking it in the driver subfolder. Problem now is that I mount the mds file to the virtual drive, and nothing shows up, clicking on the drive itself comes up with a message to insert disc into drive?

02.08.2005, 09:20
Did you check related thread in common problems and solutions forum yet?
And please post in the correct forum.