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03.08.2005, 14:47
I was looking for information on CloneCD and DAEMON Tools on these boards last night, and didn't find what I was looking for. Here's an email that I got from SlySoft this morning that answered my question:


Sorry. CloneCD copies Securom up to version 4.67 at the moment. This
game seems to be protected by a newer version.

Best regards,

John Smith
Customer Support

<removed> wrote:
> -------------------------------------------------
> Customer: <removed>
> E-Mail : <removed>
> RegKey : <removed>
> Product : CloneCD
> Version :
> OS : Windows XP Pro
> Drive(s): Plextor CD-R Premium v1.06
> Title(s): Sid Meier\'s Pirates!
> -------------------------------------------------
> When I try to run the game with the CloneCD images I've made
> mounted in the Virtual Clone Drive, the message I get is,
> "Please insert the original Pirates! disc instead of a
> backup. See www.securom.com/copy for more details"

03.08.2005, 15:16
Well, CloneCD is currently not able to create working images and backups of SecuROM v4.8x and above. You need image with DPM data (Alcohol or Blindwrite).

04.08.2005, 02:06
I ended up buying a license to BlindWrite last night. Worked like a charm.