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13.11.2002, 18:12
Hi there, First off I think Daemon tools rocks and is a great tool. Now for the fun part. I have created an image of Age of Methology using the fastdump method and safedisc emulation. This works fine, I am able to mount the first cd via stealth and play without the original. However, I would like to be able to install from this image also. When I try to run setup.exe from stealth I get a cannot find evironment error. During the fastdump process I had to insert CD2 of AOM and also reboot before creating the image with the latest version of clonecd. I have an older Toshiba DVD and a Plextor 1210 burner. Any ideas?

thanks :D

14.11.2002, 09:30
Try to re-dump from original without cd-changing and rebooting ...
btw do you use the alternative cdfs.vxd? It causes lots of problems like yours ...

14.11.2002, 17:25
OK tried it again without rebooting but I still have to use the second cd in order for the install to complete. Still getting errors.


14.11.2002, 19:24
I guess the installation only works if BOTH CDs are in the same drive. Means you need to create images of both CDs. If you're asked for CD 2 simply switch to the desktop and change the image in D-Tools.