View Full Version : Problem with daemon tools

03.08.2005, 20:58
Operating System: Win xp home
Burning Software: Nero 6 reloaded
Anti-virus Software: Antivir 6
DAEMON Tools Version: 347.0.0

When i would like to open the tool it come this message: C\WINDOWS\daemon.dll error.What can i do to remove the problem so daemon tool can be used? by the way this file is not in the archiv.there only is a file named daemon.bak

03.08.2005, 21:48
What? Archiv? Where does that come from?
Did you try to rename daemon.bak back to daemon.dll yet?

03.08.2005, 22:42
iґve try tihs.Now came the message virtual scsi driver not detected.What should i do?

04.08.2005, 10:30
now i have a new problem.During the last night, a few of my drive letters changed.Since I use also Alcohol and the program without problems works, I could alter the letter again.But at the drive for demon now gets along tool the letter I and it instead of the letter L drive altered in a Smart media.Who can help me to produce my previous attitudes again and demon, to make tool again fully able to function?