View Full Version : Daemon Tools is intalled but locked! Please unlock Daemon Tools and restart Application

04.08.2005, 09:44
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: NERO
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

How do I fix a problem I having? I get the message "Daemon Tools is intalled but locked! Please unlock Daemon Tools and restart Application" everytime I try to run Knights of Honor. Thanks for helping:D

04.08.2005, 19:39
It probably complains about an activated 'Lock DLL' option with Daemon Tools - try turning it off.

04.08.2005, 23:54
DLL is not locked though

05.08.2005, 14:36
Also not 'Autolock' ?

06.08.2005, 08:26
yup, no autolock, no options is enabled xcept "autostart", no options has been selected for "emulation" (even if all were selected for emulation, still same message). Please help>< really want to play this game

06.08.2005, 08:53
You could try a simple anti-blacklisting (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?p=25224#25224) approach though I've never heard of this
''Daemon Tools is intalled but locked! Please unlock Daemon Tools and restart Application'' error message so you may be out of luck.

10.08.2005, 01:51
><'', says please insert cd 2 in, i mount the image, but after trying to run the game it dismounts><,

12.08.2005, 06:49
MashiMaroJR, did you try all the steps in the forum post I linked you to?

12.08.2005, 11:57
yes i did:D

12.08.2005, 12:40
Knights of Honor renames (yes) the daemon.dll in your windows folder. have a look there and if you find a daemon.bak file there you do have this problem. Knights of Honor has a shitty protection. Rename the .bak back to .dll and everything will be fine after a reboot. (until yo start that crappy game again)

15.10.2005, 00:52
as far as I know, this behaviour in this game is fixed - please download
latest patch for the "knights of honor" game!

15.05.2006, 03:56
I have exactly the same problem with Transport Giant.

Exactly the same wording. The problem seems to have started since I installed Daemon Tools 4.00HE But I cannot be certain as I have not played transport Giant in quite a while.

And when I tried to start it again it asked for files off of disk one then started with the error.

I have XP SP2.
Burned with Nero v6.6.0.15
Using Kaspersky Pro v5.0.391
Zone alarm with anti spyware v6.1.744

Does anybody know what is causing this as the only reference i can find on google is this thread.

Could it be the copy protection?


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