View Full Version : I can't Install D Tool

06.08.2005, 08:13
Operating System: Window XP
Burning Software: Don't Have one..
Anti-virus Software: PC-cillin Real-time Scan
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

When I install Daemon Tool it said:
Some drivers has invalid name or conflicts with other files or service in system. Please choose other driver names or make sure you rebooted after removal sofware using same name.
What should I do?

06.08.2005, 08:48
Have you read the first sticky in the Common Problems and Solutions (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewforum.php?f=14)forum?

This usually happens when you previously had DAEMON Tools installed on your system and the uninstall was not performed properly.

06.08.2005, 09:38
I did the first 3 steps but I don't know the 4th steps.. It don't work

06.08.2005, 09:51
Now I just dled The Older version and it installed and then I open it. It said Cannot find something.. Then I install 3.47 and then it got error 25059 thingy.. Then my Older version and 3.47 is Gone.... I read the Error 25002 (invalid driver names or driver conflict) But still nothing Working Plz Help~~~

07.08.2005, 04:11
I think the solution is simple. You need to manually uninstall 'The Older version' and DAEMON Tools 3.47.

If you are stuck on step 4 'open registry editor' means runregedit.exe orregedt32.exe(if you want to change permissions on an OS released before WinXP).