View Full Version : just a quick shot for the hardcore-fans

06.08.2005, 18:56
Dear Community,

more than a week passed through and we have some results but also some
bugs found in latest beta. As already mentioned earlier, we plan to release
a nearly bug-free version and not some half-baked version. Also we will inform
the community (you ;) ) a week before we officially release the new V4 -
no need to hang around here every day to check if we already released something or to spam into the forums;)

Beside of that, there's nothing real important atm, but at least I want to
inform you that nothing unusual happens, no real drawbacks and no serious
bugs that will delay the release to next quarter.

Also we will move to a new portal-system soon, so you better check-out that
your email-adress is still valid!

New Pro-Screenshots will be also posted soon