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15.02.2003, 16:56
I'm having trouble backing up my warcraft 3. I'm using alcohol 120%, I have the LITE-ON LTR-48125W and im using PNY 700 mb cd-r's. When I try to make an image, everything works fine. About 3/4 of the way through i get a reading error on block 323568. But the image eventually finishes. The image seems to work with d-tools, but when i back it up and try to play it with the CD, my comp kinda freezes. So i eject the disc and get the BSOD. Once im back to my desktop, i get a message that im missing set up files. Anyone have any idea what i should do?
Heres my log:
AM 08:49:39 Processor info : AMD Athlon(tm) Processor (1325MHz)
AM 08:49:40 Disc dumping : (F:) LITE-ON LTR-48125W (1:1)
AM 08:49:40 Reading Mode : RAW + SUB-96 , Ignore reading errors
AM 08:49:40 Source Info : Session : 1, Track : 1, Length : 632.0 MB / 071:54:22
AM 08:49:40 DPM measuring precision : High / Maximum
AM 08:49:40 Wait for a while for DPM analysis.
AM 08:51:47 Data Position Measurement - Elapsed Time: 00:02:06
AM 08:51:47 Get DPM info from current disc successful!
AM 08:51:47 Writing image file : C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\ISO\Warcraft III.mdf
AM 08:53:58 Disc read error at : 323568
AM 08:53:58 Disc dumping completed!
AM 08:53:59 C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\ISO\Warcraft III.mds : Image file writing completed!

15.02.2003, 18:06
I don't think you should have any unreadable sectors from warcraft iii. Is it possible the disc is dirty. Also, warcraft iii does not use dpm. From what I know, it just uses simple subs.

15.02.2003, 18:12
That's correct, Warcraft III is protected with SecuROM 4.68 which does neither have a physical media signature (needing DPM) nor defective sectors. Use the SecuROM *NEW profile.

If you're getting unreadable sectors, try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth from inside to outside (never round the disc!);
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try reading with lower speed or try in another drive (which might have a better error correction). If you cannot get rid of this, I'm afraid I don't see any way of getting a working image off of that disc.


15.02.2003, 22:33
If you get only ONE unreadable sector near the end of the disc then this may be OK - all Securom CDs contain one special sector in the end of the track - some CDROMs may report this sector as bad but it is still ok for Securom.