View Full Version : Problems when the instalation is finishing

07.08.2005, 01:11
Operating System: Win XP Pro, SP2
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hi Everybody!

I've a problem with DT.
First of all, I had the error 25002, and doing what that topic says, now I can install the DT, but... when the instalation is complete, when you have to click "next" and then "reboot now" (I saw that because I clicked faster), my system reboot automatically... and that everytime that reinstall again (previously I delete the things that said in 25002 topic).
After the reboot, scandisk of XP run, and correct some errors related to DT. If I skip scandisk, DT doesn't work too.

Some more information is, that sometimes the DT installs, but in the languages folder, there are very strange files, and if I double click in nero.exe a messages said "There Is no Language" (or something like that). I tried to install a language, and then the message is "Program Not Installed".

Well, now I'm still trying, but if someone could healp, I'll apricciate!! THANKS!

07.08.2005, 05:36
Well, I think that I solve the problem... I run scdsk /r (or something like that) and then run the thing in the topic SBCD... and the dt is now installed... I'm gonna to check the program!