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07.08.2005, 10:35
Operating System: athlon 64 3800+
Burning Software: alcohol, blindwrite, ccd, virtual cd
Anti-virus Software: antivir
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

hi together

i have read, that the new version becames to types. a "pro" and a "for free" version. is that right and what are the costs for users to get the pro one?


07.08.2005, 11:35
Operating System: P4 3200 Mhz Geforce 6800 with 256 Mb
Burning Software: alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Yes, that is right!

Daemon-Tools v4 will be free for everyone, but DT pro v1 will cost something around 14 . But therefore you will be able to make images and things like that.

07.08.2005, 11:48
thanks for your answer

but what can i do more with pro? is pro better for example for starforce than the free version?


07.08.2005, 13:02
Starforce will be emulated by both versions.

With the pro you will be able to make your own backups.
Therefore you don't have to use any other programs like Alcohol, Blindwrite or Clone Cd. But remember you can't burn Discs with the pro version.

I think you will be able to emulate everything with DT v4 and the pro version, but with the pro you don't need any other Tools.

07.08.2005, 18:40
thanks again

that sounds good. and its possible to emulate all images with free/pro without burning a disc to start it in my rom? the new versions are so strong to make an image from every copyprotection cd, is that right?

important: can i use both versions on one computer without problems with other tools


07.08.2005, 19:48
First Question: Yes, that's right. If you make a backup of your CD/DVD, you will never have to put in the CD/DVD anymore!

Second Question: I think yes! 99% of all protections will be emulated (I hope) and you will be able to make images of most Discs (I think [hope] nearly 99%).

Third Question: It should be able to use it with all other tools on your Pc! You don't have to use both. DT v4 is more or less integrated in the pro, therefore (I think) you don't have to use DT v4, if you bought the pro!

07.08.2005, 19:52
thank you very much for your answers.
now i donґt have any questions about the new d-tool. if i have, i will write it down.
so, thanks and have a nice evening

oh, one last question

is it better to make an image with d-tool pro than with alcohol

07.08.2005, 19:54
Fine, but don't forget: I'm just a customer! Maybe there is something wrong but I don't think so :D !

07.08.2005, 20:02
i have one last question, i hope

when i use pro i donґt need for example alcohol 120% anymore? are all the functions/options which are included in alcohol are in d-tool pro too?

i hope you understand what i mean, because i try to translate the german sentences into english :oops:


07.08.2005, 20:18
Yes, I understand. I am german, too 8) .

Yes, most functions!
But you aren't able to make 1:1 copys with the pro like with Alcohol 120%!
But you are able to make images on your PC! Then you are able to emulate the discs!

Ja, die meisten Funktionen.
Aber du kannst nicht mit der pro version 1:1 CD's kopieren wie mit Alcohol 120%. Aber du kanst CD-Abbilder auf deinem PC speichern! Dann kast du diese mit der pro emulieren

P.S. : There is a german section in this forum :D !

07.08.2005, 20:23
ja vielen dank nochmal

bin neu hier, werd mich dann im deutschen forum umschauen

bis dann

07.08.2005, 22:37
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: None
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

After one purchased the PRO version, will he recieve upgrades for free or will he have to buy the new versions again? If he recieves free upgrades: how long will he do so?

07.08.2005, 23:03
Yes, he will get upgrades for free. And I think he will get them until the
pro v2 is released, maybe he will be able to upgrade to v2 for a bit money, maybe 10 I guess, but therefore you have to wait another year :wink:

06.09.2005, 08:51
Sorry to reply to this thread 1 month later. The current policy does not charge for upgrades. Quoting from the registration page "Registering allows you to use ALL future versions of DAEMON Tools!"

And p.s. RZA was asking comparision questions with Alcohol 52%/120% and DT Pro. It makes sense for both programs to be fully capable image creating and burning programs (not 52%) but I do expect some differences between the two (if not initially, in the long run).