View Full Version : Partition X changed to CD drive

11.08.2005, 15:22
Operating System: Windows XP pro
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: ZoneAlarm, AVG antivirus, Microsoft AntiSpyware
DAEMON Tools Version: . . .

Well I've been looking through the posts and no one has had this same problem. I'm at the computer lab that I work at right now so I can't try a couple of possible solutions I've found in the threads. This problem is hilarious though. I managed to change my partition, at least on the surface level, into a CD drive. Here's what happened. Like many people, I was trying to hide/uninstall my burning software so that I can play this [bleep]ing game Sacred. I deleted Nero but still had it in the registry. From Nero's homepage I found a program that would remove it from the registry. After running this and rebooting, I find out that my X drive is a cd drive. Then I figured maybe it had something to do with my d-tools so I uninstalled that. Nothing changed. I WAS using anti blaxx, and probably should have deleted that first. But I removed it and don't see why it would be causing this to happen. So when I get home I'm going to completely remove dt from the registry and reinstall it to see if it helps. I remember seeing a post about being able to change the extensions and names of your drives so I might try that. The good news though, that I forgot to mention, is that all the information is still on my partition, and it still works. Anyways if someone knows what's going on please reply. Otherwise just join in with me as we laugh together at the amazingly stupid things I do.

12.08.2005, 08:28
I'd unmount the non-boot partition (all these steps use disk management snap in available through control panel-> administrative tools -> computer management). Assign it zero drive letters. Reboot and try to mount it into an NTFS folder without a drive letter. Does that work?