View Full Version : i need help (dvd copying)

11.08.2005, 19:51
ok i got a dvd on Disc "BASEketball" and i want to create a image of it but i dont have a dvd/cd recorder i got just an dvd rom .. how do i can burn it into a image like iso or something?
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12.08.2005, 01:19
I think you want to copy the dvd to your hard-disk? If so, DVD Decrypter is the best way to go. It can rip as files, isos or stream processing (with limited demuxing too), and can strip copy protection, regional coding and PUO's.

20.08.2005, 05:21
well you can also use clonedvd 2 if you like it makes an exact copy of your disc, or compress it to fit on a dvd-5 if you like...