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12.08.2005, 19:16
I Know this may be the job of the admins to post things like this but I wanted to give my view on software pirates, I do not tolerate them nor will i ever tolerate them. Before you post a question please read this and take my advice, we will not help you if the software is'nt legit. As a consumer and a student in college pursuing a degree in computer science I wholeheartedly respect developers, thier software and thier decisions. Some games might not be that good, if you don't like a game or a dev, don't buy thier product, but as mentioned before in a previous post, that doesn't give you the right to download it illegally. They put alot of hard work
coding, compiling and developing the games, and coding with programming languages is very complicated and hard, and they deserve every bit of the money. I plan on graduating from the college I'm in, and go to learn how to develop games and programs for computers and consoles, and I would definetly not tolerate someone stealing or stealing from my product. PEASE PEOPLE ONLY Post questions in these forums if you actually legally own the software, anything else is just a waste of our time, and can lead to you getting banned by the administrators.

13.08.2005, 10:20
Well, I agree with you, and fortunatly Daemon Tools is free for personal use. So, it would be kinda hard to pirate it, being free.

13.08.2005, 16:10
No I mean software like pc games, console games and other software, not daemon tools, my point was that developers work so hard to provide us with top notch software and games, that (No offence) some people are so ignorent, that they steal the software such as pirates, I hate nothing more than that and hope these people can make better decisions than that. I hope the devs keep up the great work with daemon tools and overcome the latest in copyright protection, all my backups are legally owned and bought my games from walmart or eb games, i like daemon tools so i don't have to keep switching cd's in and out of my cd/dvd burner (although I need to get a bigger hard drive for burning my images to). also I like the speed the games run at, keeps me from inducing wear and tear on the cd-drive and cd's. Now I just use my cd's To Install my games.

By the way if you're reading this locutusofborg, is there a freeware program out there that will burn my iso's of my cd's and is also compatable with daemon tools? If not Can I purchase Alcohol 120% or blindwrite from stores or is it an online purchase only? I am very careful about buying anything on the net because of identity theft and fraud. Please get back to me ASAP Thanx Very much.

14.08.2005, 08:53
there are free programs just look on www.majorgeeks.com
but they probably wont be nearly as good as bought ones. likes roxio which came with my pc and nero which came with my dvd rw
roxio is a crappy program though. dont get it

14.08.2005, 09:24
there are free programs just look on www.majorgeeks.com
but they probably wont be nearly as good as bought ones. likes roxio which came with my pc and nero which came with my dvd rw
roxio is a crappy program though. dont get it

@CD_TOASTER : please compare OpenOffice and Microsoft Office. They are both equivalent...

@muffinhead : cdrecords (http://freshmeat.net/projects/cdrecord/) (GPL) exists under windows... but its kinda complicated to use (command line). There is a GUI for it here (http://demosten.com/cdrfe/), but it's still not friendly using...

14.08.2005, 13:59
is openoffice for windows? ive used it on XandrOS 3 and Fedora Core 3. now fedora core 4 is out.... i used corel word perfect in windows

14.08.2005, 17:36
The fullname is OpenOffice.org and it's multi-platform (http://www.openoffice.org/product2/reqts.html) for sure. Peer pressure forces me into using the MS Office suite, though. And Kinlaadare, OpenOffice.org doesn't have all the features of the Microsoft Office Suite. I'll just name one that I encountered in the past: no WordArt (link1 (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HA011327511033.aspx),link2 (http://office.microsoft.com/global/images/default.aspx?AssetID=ZA011253261033)) in powerpoint presentations.

14.08.2005, 22:27
word perfect has everything(word art etc), its just all named differently. but its only a word processor you still need powerpoint etc :\ there is a corel office suit though i think

20.08.2005, 19:28
"plz read before posting a question". Oh, damn... and I just wanted to post something like "lol it's so long, better tell me what's it 'bout" :shock: !

No... actually not.

BTW, does anyone know a free or open-source vector-editing graphics program?

20.08.2005, 23:58
I don't mean you actually have to , Im a user of daemon tools like the rest, Just sick of piracy, wanting to inform everyone that it's not tolerated by anyone here to post any threads of the such, Just to save the admins a little more time, but all that I typed is just my two cents worth, as ppl say do what you will, and what you must, just keep it out of these forums, not Just to let you all know I'm not trying to be or sound snotty, I Just am very respectful of devs, thier decisions, and their choices, and don't like when people exploit thier software and give it away, It's just wrong after they put so much hard work developing quality software for people like me and you to use and therefore should be paid for. But, no you don't have to listen to me or read what I typed, that is your choice as seeing that I'm not an admin, Just a very helpful, and respectful person, and if I had the experience behind me when I graduate and get my degree In computer science I would just love to devote my time helping out the devs or admins of daemon tools (If possible) BTW what country is daemon tools developed in? any info very much appreciated. Thank You

21.08.2005, 01:40
BTW what country is daemon tools developed in? any info very much appreciated. Thank You
My invoice for Daemon Tools shows an address in Ukraine.

21.08.2005, 03:07
Daemon Tools development is located at different countries spread all over the world, some coders, graphic-designers, management, support and so on.

In case of interest, you can write to jobs@daemon-tools.cc, please include
full name, your age and location, coding-capabilities or artwork or whatever you
think you can contribute. We accept only rar-archives - nothing executable, no
zip-archivs, please. It's possible that we additional hire 1-2 people for our
team. It could take some time before you receive an answer, so don't be
surprised if you don't get any response the same week. Normally, we respond
within the next 8-10 days

24.08.2005, 13:36
when DT4 comes out waited so long for it my win xp 64 bit :/(

24.08.2005, 13:54
What about temporal multiboot...? Important: Note that you'd have to adjust both the deflector matrix and primary plasma conduit arrays in order to operate multiple warp cores at safe levels.

24.08.2005, 17:46
Will daemon tools V4 still be compatable with 32-bit systems as well as 64-bit systems? Will D-Tools V4 and earlier versions be compatatable with the new windows operating sytem "Windows Vista", When it Debuts for retail? Any Info Greatly Appreciated, Thank You

24.08.2005, 19:48
@Nemerov et al. : yup :D I'd also thought this is all 'bout the hypotenuse of the hippopotamus and so if the sun settles down left side up, then it will be tomorrow and the sparrow will be roaring in the roof's girders!! :P

24.08.2005, 20:26
I've done some forum searches regarding muffinhead's post (page 1 link (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?p=25949#25949))

Windows Vista (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=5782)

Daemon Tools v4/Windows XP x64 support (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=5244)

27.08.2005, 23:09
...and the sparrow will be roaring in the roof's girders!! :P
No, actually... he's eating the flusterous zombie's rotten eye, as displayed below:


I think this is someway appropriate for this thread :D! By the way, this zombie *tried* to climb out of his grave, but it didn't manage to get out wholly - its lower half is still held captive by the earth, so the corpse is really ill-starred..