View Full Version : Any CD mastering programs that can write Romeo extensions?

15.02.2003, 20:32
I've only seen one, and that's Adaptec's ancient EasyCD Creator 2. It can't write a disc or image > 650 MB tho'. Any others? I don't care if it can burn a disc or just write an ISO image.

(If you've never heard of Romeo extensions (not surprising);
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it a long-filename extension to the ISO9660 spec. It allows 128 character filenames while Joliet is limited to 64.)

15.02.2003, 22:55
Hm, what do you need it for? I mean, you surely won't be able to use a CD burnt in such a format under Windows at all. At least I would be very surprised if the cdfs-driver of Win would support anything other than Joliet on ISO9660 or High Sierra... :roll:

16.02.2003, 00:51
Windows does support both Joliet and Romeo. I don't think it supports High Sierra - that's for the Mac. Romeo discs can't be read in DOS, but who cares? :wink:

17.02.2003, 17:58
NTI CD-Maker (http://www.ntius.com) supports both Joliet and Romeo, but the new user interface that it uses doesn't look very good to say the least.

19.02.2003, 10:04
Ok thanks, I'll give that a shot.