View Full Version : Emulate CD Recorder?

16.08.2005, 14:15
Operating System: WinXP
Burning Software: Any
Anti-virus Software: Any
DAEMON Tools Version: Any

This may sound like an odd question but yes, can daemon tools emulate a cd recorder?

In this hipotetical scenario there is a protected audio file that can only be played in one specific player. And this player can only output to a cd recorder...

The idea is to emulate the CD recorder so that I can get the audio file unprotected and then convert it to mp3. If I were to actually burn it, it would take something like 10 cd's.

Anybody care to take a shot at solving this enigma?

16.08.2005, 19:38
It's not an odd question. It gets asked a few times a month. This is the final and only answer: FLOPPY DISK & CD-BURNER-EMULATION ! READ INSIDE ! (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=1023)