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21.08.2005, 20:32
Operating System: windows xp
Burning Software: Ultra Iso
Anti-virus Software: Currently None, I use online scanning
DAEMON Tools Version: The latest

Yes, I know this question has been asked before many many times, I have allready read this thread. http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=2287

But the steps did not help me and aswell I didn't have the files that they asked :evil:

I get the message,

Some driver has invalid name or conflicts with other file or service in system. Please choose other driver names or make sure you have rebooted after removal of sofware using same names
This problem has never occured to me before, I think it started the last time i did a "System Recovery"

If any one would have better steps or some other way to fix this error, Please tell me, Thank You :o

21.08.2005, 20:53
Allright, i read another post that someone installed a differerent version then it would work, and the installation went fine but when i try to run it it gave me the error "Virtual SCSI driver not detected." What should i do?

21.08.2005, 21:01
You must reboot after each install / uninstall.

What version failed to install and what older version did you succeed in installing?

21.08.2005, 22:19
the version that installed fine was 3.46, but i Did, restart and i still got that error and the 1 that doesnt work is the new 1, 47

25.08.2005, 14:45
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.7

Ive had my pc udated and daemon has been installed, but it stopped me playing my games, so i uninstalled daemon and still the computer is telling that there is emulation software activated on my pc, wat can i do

25.08.2005, 18:10
imabitangry, first of all, search the forums. There are hundreds of posts arking this same question.

What game and what game patch version are you using?

Can you give the exact error message you get? Does it instruct you to visit "www.securom.com/emulation" ?

Do you have Clone CD installed? If so disable Clone CD's "Hide CD-R media" function (ATIP reading is the technical description). And simply ending Clone CD's tray is NOT enough.

Are you using any other emulation software besides DAEMON Tools (which is already uninstalled)? ********? Alcohol 120% virtual drives?

Perhaps the uninstall of DAEMON Tools was not done completely for some reason, you could try re-installing, reboot, and then running the uninstall of DAEMON Tools again.

More advanced troubleshooting (And lastly if all the above do not work): Check to see if you have any visible SCSI devices in your device manager (its always a good idea to enable the View menu, Show hidden devices checkbox) ? If windows device manager shows you have SCSI devices installed that you're not familiar with, post the names on the forum or try searching for existing forum posts with such info.