View Full Version : Mounting mds files + DPM info

16.02.2003, 17:22

do current D-Tools process DPM info in mds (A120) files?

I have tried, but no luck so far.

Add. info: bwt + bwa from the same game work perfect so far, why not mds?

Thank you


16.02.2003, 17:32
Daemon Tools supports both .mds and .bwa. Are you sure your .mds includes DPM-data? (Should be around 12-26kB instead of 1kB).

16.02.2003, 19:10
Of course, yes.

I even have converted a BWA file out of the mds file, and this bwa file works perfect. And i compared the mds file with a bwa file from BWA builder. Both are equal (more or less)

The whole issue is around SECUROM *new* V

BWT + BWA works perfect within D-Tools, mds (+ DPM info) not.
Should i consider special settings within Alcohol to make this happen?

Thank you.


16.02.2003, 21:21
Well, we know that SecuROM 4.84.50.x contains new Daemon Tools blacklisting, but this is strange ґcause if .bwa works, itґd mean only usage of .mds would be blacklisted. Btw what game are you talking about?

17.02.2003, 08:33
Iґm talking about Industry Giant 2 + Addon + 2.1 Patch => makes in total SECUROM *new* V Without 2.1 Patch it is

The mds file was made with the default settings A120 for Securom new v4.0.

Any help would be great to make mds alive.