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24.08.2005, 21:56
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.29

Ok i try and install DAEMON TOOLS 3.29 after about a min or two i get the blue screen of death..... i just need to know if there is anyway around this i have figured out what the problem is and that is when daemon tools tries to install it start this PnP BIOS EXTENSION and then it crashes after that there is a SCSI/RAID HOST CONTROLLER tryin to start up and it keeps crashing anyone have any ideas?????


oh yeah i am tryin to install it on a
Latitude D610
processor 2.0
ram 1.0
dvd burner

24.08.2005, 22:00
Why 3.29? Try v3.47.

24.08.2005, 22:19
just becuz it was on my computer thats why so if i upgrade will there still be a problem???

24.08.2005, 22:24
Difficult to say - do you have any games protected by Starforce on your system? If so remove the Starforce drivers first.

24.08.2005, 22:27
ummm there isnt anything installed on the really just started to do everything too it..... its strange that its doing this too becuz on my other machines it doesnt only with these Dell Latitudes......

24.08.2005, 22:56
Try to install v3.47 then, if you get BSOD again, check if you've minidump related to that crash (in Windows\Minidump folder), send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread (unpacked or RAR-packed, NOT zip'ed).

24.08.2005, 23:07
ok so then do i rar the entire minidump folder for you if it goes wrong?

24.08.2005, 23:10
Well - how many minidumps are there? ;)
Just send the newest one - it should have date and time related to Daemon Tools installation.

24.08.2005, 23:38
ok once i download the newest version i will try that out thanks for your help in this matter


Cool it worked so now we know that if this problems accures again then people just need to get the newest version... it installed fine and like clock work thanks for the help in this matter....


25.08.2005, 01:11
sorry to bother you again but i guess it didnt work.... i shut down my system but when i went to reboot the system did the blue screen again so i enter safe mode and it brought up the driver for the newest version of DAEMON and said press ESC to not load it so i did and now i am here i sent you a copy of the file in rar form please let me know


25.08.2005, 20:36
:?: Nothing arrived yet ...

25.08.2005, 23:21
sending it again

opps i didnt make a reference to this thread i just sent the file no subject just a little note that said here is the file sorry if it doesnt come to you i will send another copy of the file

27.08.2005, 08:25
hey i dont know if your still watching this post but do you know what this file is? "d347prt" it tries to install and works for that matter but once i reboot i get the same problem but if i run under safe mode it asks if i want to disable that file from loading....... does this make sense to you???? thanks for the help......


27.08.2005, 10:32
:lol: That's Daemon Tools driver, the message while booting in safe mode is in case of problems like hang or crash at normal boot, so you can remove the driver(s) in safe mode to get Windows running first, then to check for minidump. :mrgreen:
Did you remove the obsolete Daemon Tools drivers from your system?

27.08.2005, 10:55
in safe mode i stopped that file from booting up and then i went into the device manager and stopped the scsi/raid controller or disabled it.. since then deamon tool boots with my computer and works without any problems so i dont know what it was that i do but it does work right now.....


30.08.2005, 17:54
Operating System: Windows XP SP2 - French
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton Internet Security 2005
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I had the same problem.
At the end of install, one window popped up asking to install 'PnP BIOS Extension'. After it, another to install 'SCSI Controller'. During installation of this second driver, I got the blue screen.

After reboot, blue screen again. Not immediately, but after a while (the Daemon tray icon was there since a moment, I had the time to open the Device Manager, in fact it was just after Norton Security tray icon appeared).

In safe mode, blue screen too, unless I pressed ESC to avoid loading d347bus.sys.

In safe mode I tried uninstalling SCSI device, but at reboot I got blue screen again. So I removed the d347bus.SYS file altogether, and it booted fine. Now I uninstalled Daemon Tools, as I use the laptop also for work and cannot afford too many blue screens :-)

Can you please advice if there is a "safe" way of installing Daemon Tools?

I can send a RAR with the 11 minidumps generated today if you want...


30.08.2005, 18:19
I can send a RAR with the 11 minidumps generated today if you want...
Good idea, please with reference to your post in this thread.

30.08.2005, 20:38
cybertrooper is there a reason for it doing this? i have since uninstalled D-Tools also to prevent it from making the blue screen come back.... I love the D-Tools program and would love to have it installed makes it alot easiser to install stuff over my network..... thanks in advance


30.08.2005, 21:41
since then deamon tool boots with my computer and works without any problems so i dont know what it was that i do but it does work right now.....
Did I get you wrong?

Anyway - did you remove the obsolete driver files yet?