View Full Version : It's been a long time since last announcement

26.08.2005, 10:23
Just can't help hanging out here all day.
And many thanks to DT team for helping my neck grow longer than it was, which I was quite unsatisfied with, coz I've been always looking forward to DT4/Pro.
Let's sit quietly in the corner and wait for the big day. :wink:

Alexei Kubarev
27.08.2005, 11:02
I would prefere seeing a new small anouncement or whatever as its been a VERY long time since the last post, just like you said..

And someone primised us to give screenshots as well ;)

27.08.2005, 17:09
Yea give us a announcement.

20.09.2005, 04:19
even a air filled one will work. I think just reading something like "We are 75.48% done testing, found 67 bugs, and fixed them all" can make me really happy for a whole day, even though I have no idea what those numbers mean. :D

20.09.2005, 19:06
i have to admit, everyday I check my email, check the news, and then head on over to www.daemon-tools.cc to see if anything new has happened. You can't blame us, the daemon tools team is the only group that has made any headway with starforce, that is something to look foward to. But ah, I gotta tell you I remember a news post waaaaay back before the summer started that mentioned v4 coming "soon". Now when I thought soon, I thought it was the kind of soon you hear when they say "coming to a theatre near you...soon" and not like "the apocalypse is coming soon" kind of soon. We must sound like little kids in the back of mom and dads car asking "are we there yet! are we there yet!"

20.09.2005, 22:59
yea this really does seem to be soon :shock: , ill just hang on to my nails and chew them all off, i wonder now, whatever happened to public betas

c'mon lotus give us something to grab on, my worms4 image dieing to get played for some time now, :P

21.09.2005, 12:57
Guys, be Patient.
In the Thread under this one he just made a little Statement last week saying:

"and we will soon announce again

beside of that, work is progressing great and our new website is in development, too, we will tell more about it next week"

Since that was on the 15th i guess it doesnt take too much longer till News arrive :)


21.09.2005, 17:12
Since that was on the 15th i guess it doesnt take too much longer till News arrive :)

Well, that was some nice guess from me...just 2 hours later the News were there :mrgreen: