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17.02.2003, 09:21
Sorry if somebody already do this suggestion (But I can't find the same using search)

the Idea is to contact a DVD Decrypter programmer like Smartripper or
DVD Decrypter

and to make a Virtual Decrypted DVD Drive that would "map" a real DVD
Drive (and propose an Api for treating data like decrypting (it is an exemple))

If I put a DVD video in the real drive I can read (With Decripting on
the fly by the Decryptiing engine) decrypted vob on the Virtual Drive
(like the flaskMpeg plugin for reading directly form DVD)

Of course for legal purpose I don't Think daemon-tools must provide the
DVD Decrypter engine
it would be best if We could find Decrypter engine that would be daemon
tools compatible :-)

Else I must say that your program is awesome

good continuation


17.02.2003, 13:40
I think thats not possible because it would brake the law, but may be someone could make a third party tool for that

17.02.2003, 14:00
It would not break the law to map directly from a drive instead of maping an iso

It would not breaking the law to permit Api On this type of mapping

And if it is not to hard we could download Daemon Tools in a way and a decrypt API from another Way

A Daemon-Tools Compatible API

THe more easy would be to make compatible with API for Flaskmpeg but I don't know if it is easy or not
so I suggest to do the most easyest way

So first step :
Contact a group that make a Decrypt programm to suggest the idea and ask what they need

second step devellop this little part of code without breaking the law

17.02.2003, 16:39
I am pretty sure that this would violate the DMCA. After all, the MPAA already sued a bunch of ppl for HOSTING (not making) such software. But afaik, this would only apply to us based software...