View Full Version : Need help find a burning software please

27.08.2005, 07:38

Awhile ago i was searching the net to find a software to burn copyrighted disc. I came across a site that explained everything, it refered me to Daemon tools, It also told me to ge another program. Daemon tools and the other programed work great. Problem is comp crashed and lost all the stuff.

The program allowed me to put in a disc it would then take the disc image or do somthing. Then it would burn it.

I know alot probably do this.

I want to say the Program started with A but its not alchol 120%

The site was Black with green writing. If u know please let me know. I am sorry thats all i can rember.

04.09.2005, 17:20
do a search for Doom9 they have some good tutorials ;)

04.09.2005, 17:33
He is looking for something specific. I think he just wants the URL to "The site was Black with green writing" and a burning program starting with the letter 'A' but not Alcohol 120%. I know its silly :wink:. Maybe one day someone will post the links

04.09.2005, 17:45

04.09.2005, 17:52
Was it Ahead's Nero Burning ROM?

04.09.2005, 18:40
I don't think that the site is black with green writing for Nero :)