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17.02.2003, 21:25
With the current release of Pinnacle systems - Instant copy, this program creates a image format named .PDI , would it be possible to add support for this type of image ?

it would be very handy to check the image before burning to a dvd and finding out it does not work etc etc

i know there are re-writable dvds but this takes time and up to know dtools has done wonders for other formats

information - : http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ProductPage.asp?Product_ID=1153&Langue_ID=2

trial download - : ftp://ftp.pinnaclesys.de/demo/InstantCopy7_trial/

:?: :?: :?: :D


17.02.2003, 21:37
Don't count on it!

This image format is probably proprietary, so it cannot be legally added without permission.

17.02.2003, 22:56
yes you are proberly right in saying you need permission first..

o well :D

just incase its possible ;)

http://forum.doom9.org/forumdisplay.php?s=c91521746ce0b4fcd9e68c6673eb345 5&forumid=65

has a few posts about PDI2ISO conversion - some info / appz etc ..

may help - who knows ;)

18.03.2003, 18:33
we've now permission to integrate the .pdi-Format, so it's possible that DT support it soon

09.07.2003, 23:15
Sorry to bring this one back to light BUT is there going to be support for pdi images soon?
Oh and is it possible to associate img files with daemon tools os when I specify open a cd image I don't have to choose "show all files" (Minor inconvenience just wondered if there was a setting somewhere)

10.07.2003, 01:16
Yes, pdi support will be included with next dtools version.

You can rename img to iso.

10.07.2003, 11:49
IMG will not be supported directly as it is not a legal format extension.

16.07.2003, 11:35
Sorry to be a bore then BUT is there any news on the next release of Daemon Tools??
I'm only asking, not pushing, call it random curiosity!! :oops:

16.07.2003, 11:39
Itґs currently in beta test stage, but as always itґll be released when itґs done! :mrgreen:
So be patient ;) itґll have some nice features worth the time ;)

16.07.2003, 12:02
@Copytrooper it is ALWAYS worth the wait when a new D-Tools comes out.
ALL of my mates spent a short while worshipping the ground I walked on just after I found this for the first time!! :D Keep up the good work ALL of you!

29.08.2003, 15:38
hi copytrooper........small world?

is it ok to post my guide here?


:D :D :D

lmk if its not m8 :)

ps can someone try it with daemontools as i don't have that installed at the moment?


29.08.2003, 15:39
oh and also.......i realise this will be made redundant as soon as the next release of daemontools is out but.......for peeps in the meantime it could prove valuable?