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30.08.2005, 07:17
Im not asking for illegal software, i was just wondering if there was any freeware/open source tools to create 1:1 isos from both dvds and cds. Not just movie dvds either, but all types.
(DDump works great for CDs, but it doesnt support DVDs).

Is there such a thing anywhere? :shock:

30.08.2005, 09:04
Alcohol-Software 120% maybe?

30.08.2005, 14:11
Alcohol-Software 120%

...is neither freeware nor open source.

A quick google (for "CD DVD ISO", btw) revealed this as the first promising hit: SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO burner v 2.1.5 (http://www.silentnight2004.com/Download.html). Give it a look, maybe it's what you're looking for!

30.08.2005, 20:55
Use this website: -----> www .rpmfind.net

http ://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/cdrecord.html
ftp ://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/ProDVD/

http ://cdrdao.sourceforge.net
http ://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/gcdmaster/index.html

www .xiph.org/
www .xiph.org/paranoia/index.html

You cannot use the ISO format with modern game CDs. And matthewjumpsoffbuildings, "1:1" refers to burned CDs, not image files (IMO).

01.09.2005, 07:50
NetSoerfer, that prog you listed Ive tried...its crap. Thanks anyway. :D

Underheaven, I downloaded ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/ProDVD/ but how do you use it (Im running windows XP). And it says its "ProDVD" but can it copy DVDs and CDS to Image files on my HD?

Btw, I use the term 1:1 straight out of the Daemon-tools help file. It says in order to mount an image it must be a 1:1 copy of the original CD.

I used the ISO format when using DiscDump to save my (legally bought) PS1 games to my hard drive. They work fine. So when you say modern game CDs, do you mean modern game DVDs?

04.09.2005, 06:00
Try LC ISO Creator. I've not actually used it, but everything I've tried from the nedwolf site has been pretty good.


04.09.2005, 13:57
The best DVD Iso maker i know of is DVD Decrypter if you search around enough you'll be able to find it.


that might help. -deleted-

04.09.2005, 14:44
Unfortunately, DVD Decrypter has been deemed illegal and its author had to discontinue it. You may still find it on the internet by googling.

However, this being a site that's surely under the watchful eyes of the copy protection lobby, we cannot allow links that point to such programs once they're deemed illegal. So please don't take this as an offense, but I had to delete those links.


04.09.2005, 17:16
Unfortunately, DVD Decrypter has been deemed illegal and its author had to discontinue it. You may still find it on the internet by googling.

Oops, i do appologise.

Its still very freely available.... shame he didn't go OpenSource, then it might still exist for future developement. :|

04.09.2005, 17:19
If I may be the devil's advocate, I support not linking to that program but "deemed illegal" is not a correct phrase. it's more like "potentially illegal in the program author's viewpoint".

05.09.2005, 00:36
I concur. My cell phone's camera could record the films I watch in my favorite cinema. Does this make my cell phone illegal, or should it?

I say, don't blame the tools. Blame the people who use them for something illegal.

But unfortunately, linking to software that might potentially be used to violate someone else's rights is considered illegal too, so we have to adhere to these rules if we don't want this site to be taken down.

I'm waiting for the day when I won't be allowed to enter the cinema because I have an old Nokia 6610i which I could use to infringe copyright laws. It's gonna happen.

05.09.2005, 05:35
thanks. i knew about DVD Decrypter, and how the dev deemed it too controversial etc.

Ive tried LC Iso creator before, but it didnt seem to work. Ill try it agin tho.

and I agree with you NetSoerfer. Its not the tools fault, its the people who use them incorectly/

Ramon Zarat
27.09.2005, 04:24
Hi folks

I'm an emulator maniac. I got many original CD from Dreamcast, 3DO and other. My problem was to get those CD inside my computer to mount them in Deamon tool and then use the resulting mounted CD image with an emulator.

Since all those consoles use weird format, (Most of them are ISO based, but the ''internal structure'' differ quite dramatically) The challenge is to find an app that can CORRECTLY dump the original media into a workable ISO. I have found many apps like ISObuster to extract CD to .bin file with wrong size, missing Audio track and unworkable with an emulator.

So my requirement could be qualified as ''worst case scenario''

The only app I have found to successfully do the trick is: Blindwrite. Im using version 5.2.6

Insert your media in your physical CD drive, select ''Read'' on the left, enter the destination and most importantly, specifically choose ''ISO'' and not ''automatic'' to get an ISO image.

It worked with all the type of CD I could throw at it. After creating the iso, the games were bootable with the emulator (Dreamcast, 3DO etc)

It's also a great way to convert all the formats Daemon tool support to ISO.
You do the same as real CD, but instead you use an already created image located on your HD (Say, a .NRG from Nero or .MDS from Alcohol), mount this image in Deamon tool, and then use Blindwrite with the ''Read'' option but with the virtual Deamon toll CD as the source drive. Save as ISO and et voila, all you image on your PC can be converted to ISO.

The only format I couldn't convert to ISO was a MAC virtual image drive. (Daemon tool doesnt supprot them and even ISO buster can read them, but do nothing more, no even a file copy). I had to use Transmac V7.2 for all my MacIntosh requirement. It's the only software I know that can not only read and convert to ISO, but also modify the structure of a MAC virtual drive directly from a PC.

Hope it helps.