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30.08.2005, 21:32
yo! my problem is that i switched my soundcard, and now i cant listen to music with such volume it were, i mean if i didnt use a lengt piece with a volume control my ears would have popped :P i think why the other card had that because of stereos doing something to the plug thingy in the card, anyways is there a software or anything that will boost my volume in everything, like games, winamp and such?

31.08.2005, 05:28
Perhaps NTONYX's Virtual Audio Cable 3.0
www .ntonyx.com/vac.htm

01.09.2005, 20:34
okay, i installed it and looked at the readmes and help files but i seem that i can not boost the volume anyway :/ can you give me help? (i listen to music using winamp)

03.09.2005, 13:47
Ok, I guess I was wrong. There may be no such software. :(

If you were a programmer maybe you could have your application output to the virtual sound card, apply some DirectShow tricks, then output to the real sound card.

It seems theAudio Filters: LEAD Volume Control Filterdoes something like that: http://www.pds-site.com/LEAD/SDK/Multimedia/multi-media-direct-show-filters.htm

03.09.2005, 22:16
ok :/ well thanks anyways :)

04.09.2005, 02:34
I'd be interested if you discover anything. I have a laptop that would really benefit from this - it works so horribly playing DVDs on airplanes.

28.12.2005, 00:57
I don't know if you'd be able to install it without actually having the sound card that the drivers are for, but for the Realtek AC97 card that's in my laptop there comes with it a program that can apply an equalization to all the sound that applications make and what comes out of the speakers/headphones, so you can give everything up to a 12dB boost.