View Full Version : Error 25041

01.09.2005, 12:23
Operating System: WinXP SP2
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: AVG Free Edition 7
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.4.7

Hi Gang!!

Just had a quick Question. When attempting to install DTOOLS 3.4.7 From the download i get the error 25041:Contact support Personel. Now I had DTools on my Computer before and i ended up having to reinstall XP so it got erased. Was using Alchohol120% But didn't Like it so i removed it. Problem is the Virtual drive from it or someother software i was using previously won't remove and still shows under My Computer as Drive G:. Just wondering if this has caused the error and if so or if not, HOw do I Fix it? Any help would be greatly Appreciated.