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19.02.2003, 16:46
I've the same problem with Windows Installer and DaemonScipt.The idea about TEMP directory has no effect. Can we help us pleas???
Is the resolution installing windows SP1 ???

19.02.2003, 17:08
What are you talking about? There are many different problems/errors that can occur when installing.

Can you please post the exact error? Also, you say you have problems with DaemonScipt. Do you mean you can't install daemonscript or daemon tools? Can you try another msi (such as alcohol 120 or discjuggler) please.

21.02.2003, 09:50
My OS is windows XP ver.5.1.2600 without SP1 or SP1a, I have problems install all of *.msi install packages (daemon tools,daemonscripts,alcohol,etc).When I start the install this process failed to this error:

"This installation service doesn't avaliable. It could happend when the OS is running in emergency mode or the service Windows installer is not installed so well."

resolve this problem installation of winXP SP1,SP1a ????

thx headzz

21.02.2003, 20:15
Make sure you have not disabled Windows Installer service.

02.03.2003, 14:21
I GOT THE SAME PROBLEM WITH WINDOWS INSTALLER, HOW CAN I FIX THAT BCZ THIS ERROR STOPS ME TO DOWNLOAD daemon tools 3.29 for example ( there are many other versions). If someone helps me, it will be wise .

thank you!

02.03.2003, 17:36
from another thread:

Xavier wrote:

Dont use daemon tools : why? BECAUSE IT CONTAINS A LOT OF DEFAULTS (ERRORS).

If you're only come to this place to blame the work of the hard-working people here, I suggest you to simple use IsoBuster, like you already adviced other users. Good Luck