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04.09.2005, 13:37
Hi all I just need some info on something, not help. I just bought max payne 2 and I noticed that the minimum requirements say you need a 32 mb AGP compatable graphics card with hardware TnL, The thing is I don't have an agp slot or an agp graphics card, but rather a geforce mx4000 PCI graphics card and I am still able to play the game just fine with no Agp. Why can I still play the game, I'm just curious, not complaining. If someone could let me know why that would be great. Thank You

04.09.2005, 14:37
The graphics card supports all the necessary technologies - shaders etc - Max Payne 2 requires.

AGP simply means that in case the graphics card's memory doesn't suffice, some textures can be swapped to the system RAM. As this process moves a lot of data from the graphics card to the RAM (and vice versa), the "Accelerated Graphics Port" needs a lot of bandwidth so the card doesn't have to wait too long for the textures.

If your card has sufficient memory and doesn't need to swap to RAM, the game will work fine on a PCI card, only the loading times might be a little slower.

04.09.2005, 14:42
The minimum requirements are usually just made up to be as simple as possible; the general public doesn't know what's the difference between AGP, PCI, PCIe, ...

MX4000 is an awfully old card so you can't use the highest quality settings and/or enchancements like Full Screen Anti-Aliasing and Anistropic Filtering but if you're happy with your current setup there's no need to upgrade.

04.09.2005, 21:50
Thank you very much I Just wanted it cleared up, sorry i came here to ask though, but remedy entertainment and rockstar games don't have a forum only a F.A.Q. that didn't answer my question. Although my motherboard doesn't have an agp slot however I think it has onboard video that may be agp, because there is an option in my bios to change the AGP Architecture achiture or somthing AGP's size.

05.09.2005, 00:22
The "AGP Aperture Size" (which I assume was the setting you saw) determines how much of you system RAM will be assigned to work as virtual Video RAM, that is how much will be reserved for swapped textures from the graphics card. :)