View Full Version : Will the new versions of DT support the latest protections?

04.09.2005, 19:19
By that I mean, will either DT PRO or DT 4 emulate the latest version of Securom, Safe Disc and especially Starforce which has gone to 3.5.x the last time I checked?

04.09.2005, 21:44
Yes, both versions will emulate the latest copyprotections, especially the latest Starforce Version 3.5.x

06.09.2005, 10:17
I got another question, will both versions support plugins? to that I am referring about the special IDE drive emulation plug-in or will it be available only to the pro version?

06.09.2005, 10:50
I don't know whether v4 will have a plugin-architecture, but the virtual IDE drive plugin will be released for Pro only.