View Full Version : i dont understand the emulation function

04.09.2005, 20:55
Operating System: winxp sp2
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: NIS 2005 antispyware
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

hi, this is probably asked over a bilion times but i couldnt find a thread about in the short time i searched.

how does the emulation functions work? for example:

- i have a stronghold 2 iso
- i mount it in dt
- i look up in your game db that i should turn on securom
- i emulate securom

but still the game asks me to insert the cd...

am i doing something wrong? do i use the wrong iso? or is this not the purpose of emulating?

thx in advance



04.09.2005, 21:46
Emulation is to play from backup, if the writer is unable to create a perfect backup.
Moreover SecuROM emulation is for older sub-channel based SecuROM versions only.
For newer SecuROM you need image with DPM data, so forget ISOs.

06.09.2005, 15:39
oki thx :)