View Full Version : Starting up... seems not possible

06.09.2005, 14:48
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Clone CD
Anti-virus Software: no
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon347


I trie to use Deamon tools to create a viritual cd-rom drive on my Flybook, who has no CD or DVD-rom drive on-board.
I want to turn a protected disc with GIS-data on this viritual drive, to make my Flybook the ultimate GPS system...

- I followed all steps of the installation.

- I've created an image file with CloneCD

:( Now i want to mount the image as described, but when i clik the Daemon shortcut on my desktop, nothing happens !

:x I've restarted, re-installed an tried everything within my possibilities...

SomeOne Please HELP...

06.09.2005, 15:33
The desktop icon just starts the tray icon -> you must click on the tray icon! ;)
If you don't see the tray icon, check related thread in common problems and solutions forum.