View Full Version : DaemonTools for DOS

07.09.2005, 21:06
Is there any versions of DaemonTools for DOS 6.22 or is there any other programs like DaemonTools that support DOS and also mount drives like D-Tools?

Also is there a Linux version too?

08.09.2005, 16:03
For the dos i cannot answer... but it seems not.

For Linux, you can use the mount command on a iso file (and iso only!)
And for that you need admin rights... you'll need to use the "-o loop" swith.

08.09.2005, 20:47
Certainly, but they are quite old. I don't know if they can be found nowadays, but I have some in my DOS dir (0CD, VC, TBNCD, FAKECD, FAKEDR). Anyway, note that most of these work by making regular directories appear as CD drives by faking MSCDEX function, so they are nothing like DT or any other modern image based emulators.

11.09.2005, 18:00
As long as it can function like a cd drive then I will take a look at them. :) thank you