View Full Version : DAEMON Tools API Doc 3.16 and DaemonMountEx

20.02.2003, 14:57
i recently received DAEMON Tools API Doc 3.16.zip. i'm calling DaemonMountEx with no success. the exe code parses the command line and calls DaemonMountEx. the parameters that i am passing are the following:

DaemonMountEx(0, "drive\directory\iso image", 512 error buffer, &BufSize)

the error status returned is -1. even if i build the exe with hard coded values the call fails.

daemon is set to use four drives, with daemon.exe the mount works.

what i am doing wrong?

20.02.2003, 16:11
There must be no space between the device number and the image file name, i.e.: DaemonMountEx(0,"drive\directory\iso image) ...

20.02.2003, 16:52
i'm building an exe. i assume that pre-processing strips white spaces.

21.02.2003, 06:14
Before calling any other function from DLL make sure you call DaemonGetVersion.

21.02.2003, 15:04
that did the trick. thanks.