View Full Version : Creating new TRAY ICONS

11.09.2005, 05:14
Operating System: xp sp2
Burning Software: ah 120%
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3 47

well, i'm trying to create my own tray icons for daemon tools.

i created a 16 by 16 image, and made the name tray2.ico, and put it in the icons directory, but when i open daemon tools, i get an error.

if someone could give me brief instructions on how to create my own icons, it would be much appreciated

14.09.2005, 10:29
There is an image editing program called The Gimp. It has a plugin to create ICO files (I don't think they are exactly the same as bitmap files).

For windows users: www .gimp.org/windows/

14.09.2005, 14:34
They aren't the same as bitmaps, you could also try IrfanView (www.irfanview.com), it worked for me.