View Full Version : daemon tools and cdrwin ... what am I doing wrong .. thanks

20.02.2003, 16:52
:?: Hello .. I'm newbie here and trying to run cdrwin with daemon tools to burn some .bin files to cd for play in stand alone karaoke machine.
I'm told my burner does not support the burning of cd+g and have to make use of daemon tools to serve as an emulation for my burner to be able to burn cd+g.
OK .. so I installed daemon tools v3.29 and have cdrwin v3.9c .. am running winXP pro.
maybe it's something to do with not having properly installed daemon tools?
it did create a stealth drive ...
when I set the number of devices ... should it be 1 .. the stealth drive .. or should it be ie. 4 .. all my devices .. ie. cdrom .. burner etc ...
when I right clik on daemon ... on virtual cd/dvd-rom the device says "0" ... is this right ??
lastly ... when I open cdrwin ... and I clik on record disc ... I'm getting "no cdrom recording device was found on the SCSI or IDE bus" ...

can any shed any light on my problem ?? thanks to all ...

21.02.2003, 06:19
Daemon Tools emulates only CD Reader, not burner.
But it can be used to convert you CD+G cue file to some other file format (eg. CCD) that can be burned by other program that supports your writer.
First mount your CUE by Daemon virtual drive (yes device 0 is enough, no need for 4 virtual drives) then try to play from it with soem CD+G player to be sure your image is ok. Then Run eg. Clone CD and make new image from virtual drive. Then you can burn it with CloneCD.