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21.02.2003, 03:22
hey all,
i never had this before, so its a pretty new development. it happened after i tried to make a backup of Combat Flight Sim 3.

Anyway, now i can't make images of any CDs that have protection, even tho i could before. Even with Skip Errors on in Clone CD and Fantom CD, i still get "error reading disk at xxx" where xxx is a number. I know the CDs are ok cause i have used them and continue to, and i also know that i used to have a backup of the CDs i tried, and i had used the same software. Anyone got any ideas? is it Micro$oft screwing with me?

21.02.2003, 09:07
Error Reading Disc at Sector [800-10500] is something you will encounter with every SafeDisc-protected CD. SafeDisc depends on a signature of defective sectors in the first 10000 sectors of the CD. Just let it run, the errors should stop shortly after sector 10000.

By the way, you can also use FastDump to drastically increase the reading speed of the defective sectors:

Install the game
Start Alcohol, go to Emulations, Extra Emulations, activate BAD Sectors Emulation
Minimize Alcohol
Start the game so the copy protection check is run
Exit the game
Go to Alcohol again
Read the image with SafeDisc 2 profile

If everything worked correctly, it should be a matter of a few seconds until all the defective sectors are read. After the last defective sector, the disc should be read just as any other disc.



21.02.2003, 14:54
Combat Flight Sim 3 is protected with safedisc v 2.70.030 and you shouldn't have any difficulty copying it with clonecd if you have a 2 sheep writer.

01.01.2006, 17:53
thanks u very much