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21.02.2003, 05:53
I've backed up Command and qonquer general with clonecd and I mounted it with deamon tool, latest update. When It ask me for the second cd, I then unmount cd1 and mount cd2 and it keep asking me the second cd...

I am owner of a cyber cofee and therefor cannot run original cds on those computers because I simply don't install cd drive on my computers for safety reason. I've sucessfully installed it on 1 computer but for some reason the rest don't allow me to pass the "insert cd2 and press ok". Any idea? I just clone those computers (with 16 differents windows and game key) but I still need to install C&C general 1 by 1 because they blocked everything and the cd key changer I found don't seem to work(building blowing up and 1st missions only can be played)

Thank you for any help

21.02.2003, 20:20
it's amazing how many people try to show how good they are and how they bought that game, etc... Especially here, where it makes no difference how you got the copy, since it's a chat about "General" copying

yet, people invent bogus reasons trying to justify their behavior.

22.02.2003, 18:22
yes indeed but we wont support warez here, so if a problem can be traced back to some download warez from the net we wont give any support.

Btw if u use DT for commercial buisness please register it!

26.02.2003, 04:52
Look, I'm not responsible for other people, Sadly our page is down, but I'll try to reply in this board when it come back up.

Btw, I've taken the time to explain to you why I needed to get ride of this problem, now, when I see the other post about c&c I wonder why you guys is saying this to me. I couldve just say c&c back up dont work and I think it wouldve been just fine. I do not need valid cdkey, I do not need anything except not wasting more of my time trying to get it work, I do not have the time to do it, reinstalling it is already 10 hours of work I could put on something else.

26.02.2003, 13:34
I don't think this was meant to be offending you. It's just that many many people come here saying "I want to use my BACKUP :roll: of my LEGALLY PURCHASED GAME xyz but I can't. Can you please help me? It's a .bin/.cue-image..." and if you tell them to make a new image with Alcohol or Blindwrite, suddenly their original discs are scratched or lost or whatever.

Have a look at it from our point of view - most people that expressly speak of "BACKUPS" and "their legally bought games" are trying to hide the fact that they've illegally downloaded it. Stupid enough as they could just say "The image of game xyz doesn't work" and noone would know how they got it, but still.


26.02.2003, 14:19
Well I will try to copy it again anyway, just that I've tried with alcohol120% for the second cd and still I get this.

The strange thing is that the installation as gone thru the second cd once and since those are clone disks I really don't know what the heck is the problem.

I find it funny to have more problem getting thru my cloning session with DT peoples than with Microsoft itself....

But thank you if you do understand me.

27.02.2003, 01:05
Oh, everyone understands you all right. It's why no-one is prepared to help you.

What you're trying to do is install one licensed copy of the game on 16 systems and, what's more, you're trying to do so for commercial purposes.

Needless to say this means that you're acting, or to be more accurate (given that you're not succeeding)
trying to act, not only in breach of the licence agreement for the game but also in breach of your licence to use daemon tools.

Hardly surprising that no-one's prepared to help you out in the circumstances now, is it? :wink:

27.02.2003, 11:06
Ok who said what you are saying, wow, you guys juge on suspicions? You are right on 1 point, I havn't registrate deamon tool and I won't if I get that kind of responce to a simple question.

Hey you guys heard of doubt benifit? I just managed to get it worked anyway, I just want to say that those who respond me beside 1 guys are retarded and paranoiac people. You can't imagine how I would like to say f**/ you but I'm a civilised man.

You guys think I'll registrate deamon tool with that kind of help? you bet I will. I just can't believe it...

27.02.2003, 11:26
Think about it, it's almost funny watching a bunch of guys having nothing else to do but judging people... Who are you to make a judgement on my situation, do you know how it is to start a compagnie? I'm only 22 years old and my gaming place is only 5 month old, you think I make big buck? you think I can afford myself the strict minimum for my compagnie to run?

More game I have, more people come, more people come, more game I buy and more legit I become.... simple as this.

Maybe after a years of living I'll be able to play legit on the whole line, but right now it is simply impossible... IMPOSSIBLE

But thx for the help guys it was very appreciate, as for deamon tool, I think I prefer alcohol, soon I can afford it.

05.08.2003, 18:47
srry, just had to reply: