View Full Version : I can't install Daemon Tools 3.47.0

21.09.2005, 18:16
Operating System: Win XP Pro SP2
Burning Software: NERO
Anti-virus Software: NA
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

When I try to install the Daemon Tools 3.47 an error its generated. The error says:

Could not access network location %allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\

I have administrative rigths. What happen ??? Pls help me.


24.09.2005, 02:23
Go to a command prompt (start menu, run, cmd.exe ). Type cacls "%allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\" and paste the output into a forum reply. Also try pasting %allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\ into the Windows Explorer address bar. Its possible that the folder does not exist. In that case create the folder. And a last possibility is that your environmental settings are not correct (though this seems rare).

24.09.2005, 18:55
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: NTI CD-Maker
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I have the same problem but I don't understand the explanation.

What I have to do?

27.09.2005, 19:51
Lurra (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=34774), is your computer part of a Windows domain or company network and are you a full administrator of your machine?

27.09.2005, 20:26
It won't help if he has only admin rights on his comp and not on the domain...

27.09.2005, 21:04
Is part of a Windows domain and I have two accounts as administrator

28.09.2005, 16:30
Kinlaadare, yea, you're right.

Because of the "Could not access network location" part of the error message, I'm thinking the user that is installing DAEMON Tools doesn't have full write access to some roaming profile folders.

28.09.2005, 17:14
Lurra, if one of your accounts have admin rights on the domain, you can give it a temporary complete access (ie admin rights) on the computer you wanna install DT.
Another way is to give temporary admin rights on the domain to your local admin account. You just need not to forget to remove the domain rights after :)

edit : roaming profiles can be real pain :evil: