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22.09.2005, 20:22
Operating System: Windows XP64 pro
Burning Software: BHO
Anti-virus Software: Avast
DAEMON Tools Version: None atm


Just tried to register and pay for the prog, thought after a long time of use it was time to cough up the cash for the greatest thing that happend to my pc, and i just found that it wonґt let me use my gmail as i donґt have a so called real email (tho this works for anything else i paid for over the net).

will this ever change as i really wanґt to license it, i donґt like being forced to pay with methods i donґt support, the way i pay is a form of secure e.credit/debit card and have to create a new one for each purchase i do, therefore i donґt see why i canґt use the same mail as i registerd here with?

On another note tho i greatly appreciate your work as your prog has made my pc life so much easier. and wish you the best of luck in the future...



23.09.2005, 00:35
that's a decision of our publisher, we can't do anything against it.
It is possible that this will maybe change in the future, but it could
also take years, we really don't know. As far as I know, that decision was
made because many customers lost their email-accounts on that
"freemailers" and that caused a hell of trouble! It is beside of that
really necessary to be sure we can reach our customers! How else can
we inform them that a new version is offered? Or in case of important
hotfix, like the one we did last year because of WinXP SP2? You see, it
is in your own interest to use a "real" email-adress, although I must admit
that it seems to me that gmail is indeed a more or less trustworthy email-
provider and not "gone in 60 seconds" ;)

If it's all about the email-provider, can't you use a different, a "real" one,
f.e. that one your provider offered you, where you also run your inet-account?

23.09.2005, 12:05
Thx for the nice answer, much appreciated!

But fixed and registerd thx to a kind soul here who had a good solution for me... :wink:

now GL with the nearing release and hope all goes well on the road there... :)

13.10.2005, 18:25
Operating System: WinXP SP2 with all pre-SP3 patches
Burning Software: Nero 7 and ISORecorder v2B2
Anti-virus Software: NOD32 and SAV 10 (Backup)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hmmm - I would think that it would be *much* more often that a 'real' email address would change.

For instance - I use my work email now - and 2 years later I change companies for a pay increase.
Or, I use my ISP account now - but 2 years later I change ISPs because I move because of the same scenario above.

I think your publisher needs to re-evaluate their position on how things are handled, and instead of using a single email address, use multiple / allow multiple addresses to be used (obviously with confirmation for each one).

Then again, that is my opinion only, and obviously, *you* don't have much to say in their decision to use or not to use 'free' accounts - butt when I firs got my HoTMaiL account (damn near 10 years ago) I got it for the simple reason that I *would* be keeping it no matter where I moved - and 2 more Hotmail accounts, 1 yahoo, 2 GMail, 2 SoftHome, 2 mailandnews, 2 HotPop....accounts alter, I still have that first 'free' Hotmail account that I got.

But in that same time I can count at *least* 4 corporate email accounts (soon to be 5) that I have had as well as 11 different ISPs that I have had.

13.10.2005, 20:23
The share-it! company may not like people who use stolen credit card numbers with temporary and untraceable freemail accounts. That's the simple reason, fraud. Did you know that brick and mortar retail locations do not lose money due to fraudulent credit card purchases but online retailers are required to take a 100% loss? This means its every online merchant on their own, doing what they can to prevent losses with whatever policies they can think of. Its sad that all this has to even be discussed :|

They DO accept "freemail" email addresses if you fill out the form in the browser, print it, then fax it to them. So if anyone has been waiting to register DAEMON Tools, don't forget that share-it! allows this.