View Full Version : Help configuring PHP, for use W/Apache Web Server, and mysql

24.09.2005, 22:48
:D Hey all, I want to use my computer at home to host a website, so I downloaded the free Apache web server, so far things are working ok, but I also wanted to us php, and mysql so I could do my blog/forum for my website (my website is not finished yet.)mySQL installed just fine, my problem is With PHP 5.1, the problem is that php doesn't automatically configure itself for use with my paticualar webserver apache, that you have to automatically configure php, and apache, and I'm clueless as of how to do that, I've read the documents(which don't really tell you much), and looked on the websites on how to do this. Can any of you be so kind as to give me a through explanation as how to install and configure PHP for use with the Apache Web Server? I need this figured out, Cause I plan later on having a hosting company host my website. Thanx a bunch to anyone that can help me out. :D

26.09.2005, 02:20
Yaaaaaay!!!!!!! I figured it out, sorry that I wasted my time and all of yours by posting, I used abyss web server instead, BTW which is much more easier to configure for php, and mysql than apache, so you don't need to reply, but it's up to you if you want to anyway.

28.09.2005, 20:25
Maybe u want to take a look at this: