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25.09.2005, 22:27
Operating System: XP Pro 5.1.2600 SP2
Burning Software: Nero 6, CD Clone, Alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: McAfee
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

D-Tools mounted the image fine. But when I go to run the game, it asks for the install disk. How can I get around this?
Thanks for your help!

25.09.2005, 22:38
In case you've already installed the game and you're using the right disc (i.e. not disc 2 instead of disc 1), I'd venture to say that "please insert install disc" means you're supposed to insert the disc for the copy protection prior to running the game.

How did you create the image? You've probably not used the right settings e.g. in Alcohol 120% for the disc's copy protection. Please give more details concerning the game and the ripping program (including version and settings) so we can help you.

26.09.2005, 01:48
Hi and Thanks for the reply.

I am really new at this, so bare with me...

I just took the ISO file of a game (740M) small enough to fit on one disk. Anyway, I didn't burn it, I just mounted the ISO file with D-tools. Then I tried to run it, and got the disk not loaded error. I am also having a hard time with the help files not making sense to me a "newbie" on how to go about doing things the right way. I have no idea what emulation is. The help files are redundant for a newbie like myself. Could you direct me to a help file that will tell us how to do it right from start to finish?
Thanks a whole lot! :)

26.09.2005, 09:48
You'll need an image created with e.g. Alcohol 120% (www.alcohol-soft.com). The ISO format is obsolete and won't include copy protection data so an ISO image is easily recognized as such. Please create a new image with Alcohol 120%!

The emulation options can help you run a game from a copy if your hardware is not capable of creating a perfect image. It's only needed for burned CD-Rs, for images the right emulation will be used automatically.

26.09.2005, 13:34
Great! Thanks for the insight. Now I have a bigger and worse problem...
Now that I have 2 image drives, I only added one, but now for some reason I have two. Now that this has happened, my computer no longer recognizes my cd burner or my dvd burner. Some generic cd drives (virtual image drives) show up in the "MY Computer" window. This has me very aggravated, and I have been up all night trying to fix it and getting nowhere.... Please tell me how to get rid of the "virtual Image drives" so I can hopefully fix my real drives.
I have tried to uninstall the virtual drives but they keep coming back.
I am at the end of my rope. :)


26.09.2005, 19:17
I now have the computer back to normal! :) :)

I'm going to give alcohol 120% a try now.
Thanks for your help. One more thing though, I still have those 2 virtual drives on my computer. How do I get rid of them later on, if I choose not to use them anymore??

Thanks again!
Tekkk :mrgreen:

26.09.2005, 19:37
Well, first figure out if those two drivers are not just the one created by Daemon Tools and the other one created by Alcohol. ;) :mrgreen:

27.09.2005, 16:45
Thanks to both of you for your help with this. I am really green at this so I need some pushing along. :)

Ok, one of the drives is named SCSIVAX DVD/CD-ROM SCSI CDROM DEVICE
the other is Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CDROM Device

Can you tell me which is which?

I have repaired my other burners and they are ok for now. LOL

Now I am going to spend time in tutorials on how to be a wiz at this stuff. Seems to me, I have a long road ahead.


27.09.2005, 17:09
The first one's Alcohol's drive. The second one comes from Daemon Tools.

27.09.2005, 18:20
Thank you NET, I appreciate it!~