View Full Version : Win 64Bit problem?

27.09.2005, 21:15
i have a little problem, i upgraded my computer with some new hardware, to make it even "faster" my brow suggested to have it run on Win 64 Bit, i thought (as a gamer by heart) this COULD cause problems on some mmo-designs (since i entered the buisness myself)... i was wrong.. evrything seemed to work.. untill i had to try maya and Swift 3d.iso again... i downloaded deamon tools and tryed to install it.. but at 99% of the installation it stops and sais:
Device setup error: code 25007 (0x61AF), -536870347 (0xE0000235). contact bla bla bla...
I think this might have something to do with Win64, so my questions:
1. HAVE you ever tested this software on Win64?
2. Is there any way to fix this problem?
3. Will the same problem occur in v 4.0 or is beta-testing done on Win64 systems?
4. Am i completely wrong and does this have NOTHING to do with Win64, (if not, what is it then?)

Thank you for your help

27.09.2005, 21:54
:roll: Read the board, there're really enough threads about 64bit. It's easier to find them if you'd posted in the correct forum though.