View Full Version : Computer cannot start up

28.09.2005, 06:45
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: None installed
Anti-virus Software: None installed
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

I recently bought a new computer and was installing all of the drivers. The computer worked fine, but then I installed some drivers for the LCD monitor and Daemon tools. After the reset from deamon tools, the computer got into windows, but then hung. All it showed was the background and would not respond to ctr-alt-delete so I restarted. Now, the computer won't even start up. When I turn it on, the fans turn on, but that's it. Both the dvd reader and the writer won't even open up anymore.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Is it even related to Daemon tools?

28.09.2005, 07:27
I some how got it fixed :\ I have no idea how, it had somethign to do with the motherboard.

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