View Full Version : I got A forum of my own!!

28.09.2005, 19:50
:D I Got a forum of my own now that I am hosting myself, I just installed php, mysql and A webserver Program, and am using phpbb forum builder. Its not finished yet (need to set up smtp mail server so people can register) but when it is finished I'll post back on here again. Btw my forum is a gaming discussion Forum Same rules apply on mine as here and many other forum. I am also making another website a, gaming cheat, code website with mod downloads for your favorite games, that is also not finished, I need to complete the website and take care of issues with networking B4 it can be accessed. Please come Join me when It's finished, hope to see you there! :mrgreen:

Note: 1. This is being hosted from my home pc, So it won't be up 24/7 due to my pc overheating because of a poor cooling unit. The Forums Website can be accessed fairly quickly, (I tested It outside of my home network at another building).

2.I'll Post back with the website name as soon as it's finished. :wink:

28.09.2005, 20:08
IMO, having a good uptime record is important. Netcraft ranks websites on such criteria.

29.09.2005, 19:36
I recommend to use dyndns.com.

14.10.2005, 16:12
sorry I haven't replied back. Unfortunately I Can't host from my Pc now, due to recently moving (out in the country) where there is no broadband highspeed cable internet, Just dialup, and I also could not get the forum set up properly, BTW do any of you have a recomendation for free webhosts W/ Php, Mysql, and outgoing SMTP Mail server? then I Might be able to get things going. Thanx