View Full Version : CD2 mounting problems

29.09.2005, 14:45
Operating System: XP Pro - SP2
Burning Software: Alcohol 120
Anti-virus Software: Norton 2005
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

CD2 of a two (2) CD game was damaged. I have the Bin/Cue backups on my hard drive. CD1 image seemed to be mounting fine. It was running through installation then said insert CD2. I need to be able to mount CD2 to the same Virtual Drive but cannot figure out how to do this.

This is what I did:

1. Right click "Daemon Tools" icon in system tray.
2. Selected "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM"
3. Selected "Device 0: [D:] No media"
4. Selected "Mount image"
5. Navigated to the bin/cue files for CD1 on my hard drive.

- # of devices is set at 1 -

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

29.09.2005, 15:55
You just need to Alt-Tab or Windows-Key out of the installer and do the same thing for disk two.

29.09.2005, 16:55
Thanks for the suggestion. It seems to have worked beautifully. I don't have time to start the game at this moment but it appears to be working.

One note for others who might encounter the same problem. Leave the "Insert CD2" pop up untouched until you go back to Daemon Tools, select the same Virtual Drive CD1 is on, and select the CD2 cue file. After that, you can click "OK" on the "Insert CD2" box and the installation should proceed.